Professional Inspection Services / Plan Review and Permits

Building permits and building inspections are required for all new or renovation work in the residential (single family home or multi units low and hi-rise buildings), commercial, public and industrial buildings (permits and inspection vary in each district). 

Outwest Building Inspection Consultants LTD provides the following:

  • Municipal, City and Town building inspections, permits and plan reviews
  • Site inspections for all building types
  • Building plan review
  • Code Reviews and Code compliance reports
  • Solid fuel burning appliance inspection and certification
  • Alberta, British Columbia and National building code inspections
          • Alberta, Certified Safety Code Officers in all Disciplines
          • British Columbia, Certified BOABC Building Inspections
          • Canadian Certified Building Inspections
  • Fire inspections
  • Plumbing inspections
  • Electrical inspections
  • Mechanical inspections
  • Third part inspections and consulting
  • Owner representation
  • Civil court litigation consulting