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Richard H Nicolas


Accreditations: CET,C.TECH,CRBO,RBO,SCO,Group A Level 3,Group B Level 3

Mr. Nicolas is a qualified & accredited professional building inspector with over 30 years’ experience. His qualification includes building code enforcement and administration experience in several municipalities, cities and towns in Western Canada and the USA, where he was responsible for the development of goals, objective, policies and programs for the various departments. In addition, he also developed and implemented annual budgets and financial controls.

He has a good understanding of all related specifics when working closely with town/city councils, board of directors and committees as well as directly with owner’s and or major stake holders of large and small projects.

His substantial experience and knowledge in building construction, building and fire codes, building safety, building industry standards, local and national codes and by-laws is an asset to his client’s.

His skills and responsibilities also include project management/coordination of design teams, site inspections, construction inspection, liaison with the construction contractor and client, client representative, design supervision, training, quality assurance, report writing, estimating, document control, man power planning, hiring and dismissal of personnel.

Professional designations include:

  • Certified Engineering Technician (CET) USA
  • Certified Technician (C.TECH)
  • Canadian Registered Building official (CRBO)
  • Saftey Codes Officer Group A Level 3, Group B Level 3
  • Registered Building Official (ROB) British Columbia

Richard’s Mission: Promoting construction of safe buildings through education, leadership and guidance.

Administration Support:

      • Kelly Sokolowski
      • Chris Nicolas